Electra  | UV Wrap
Electra  | UV Wrap
Electra  | UV Wrap
Electra  | UV Wrap
Electra  | UV Wrap

Electra | UV Wrap

Siara Martin Beauty
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BUY ANY 3 WRAPS and we will include a FREE UV light in your order.
  • Electra /əˈlɛktrə/, designated 17 Tauri, is a blue-white giant star in the constellation of Taurus. It is the third-brightest star in the Pleiades open star cluster (M45); the most visible stars in this group are named for the Seven Sisters of Greek mythology.
  • This wrap is a beautiful gold and pink ombre french. It is a little longer and not necessarily suitable for very short nails. 


 -Tested for 2 long years, these nail wraps are rated to last at least 7 days and up to 21 days with proper care and application. The wraps have gone through so much testing, they really are the best! They have been rigorously compared to every current available brand on the market (that is since 2021) 

-UV light required to activate nail wrap.

-Wraps are semi-cured gel nail polish. Before curing they are very soft and pliable. After curing they are hard and strong. 

-Wrap thickness is around .3mm. Regular polish wraps are usually .25mm and other UV wraps are typically 3.5mm thick. I have found that .3 is the best thickness for these wraps. 

-Package includes: 2 sheets of 10 extra long wraps. If you don't have long nails, you can cut each sheet in half and get 2 applications or more from one box!

-You can wear these wraps over your regular nails, dipped nails, false nails, acrylics and more. 

PLEASE DO NOT FORGET A UV LAMP IF YOU DON'T HAVE ONE- If 3+ wraps are ordered we will put a free lamp in your order.