Got a dud? It happens. I'm not perfect in any way! Email about your dud within 7 days of receipt at hello@siaramartin.com with images of your dud and order # and I or my team will send a replacement on me. Thanks for understanding! 

Refill System

Refills are a special discounted system for you to utilize! For lash refills, you must buy an original set of lashes with the box for each style of lash you wish to refill. For example: If someone were to buy one Satyr lash with the box then go and buy all the other lash styles in refills, that won't work. You first need to buy each style with the box first before refilling that particular style. However, if one were to buy a Satyr lash with the box and decide that Satyr isn't the style for you, you may then buy a refill of another style to replace the Satyr style when finished. The main idea is that none of the lashes that are being used are hanging out in their wimpy little plastic refill boxes. On the flip side, let's reduce waste by not throwing away the nice beautiful original lash boxes!  

Returns and Refunds

Items can be returned within 14 days of receipt as long as items are unused and unopened. ALL custom orders are final sales. Please email hello@siaramartin.com with your order number and item you wish to return and we will guide you through the process. Items that are returned will receive a refund in the amount that it was purchased for minus shipping costs.